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About MedicalEd

There are aspects of our daily clinical work that concern us, challenge us & sometimes frighten us. MedicalEd was created from the need for practical learning in these specific areas without the fluff. Our courses focus on teaching these skills in a simple & hands-on format by senior, experienced clinicians who perform these skills daily. We have specifically chosen teachers who are approachable, enthused by teaching & lack an academic ego. The learning environment is non-threatening & relaxed. Our aim is to deliver what is clinically relevant & to share the experiences & pearls of our faculty.


MedicalEd | Established & running since 2013


Our courses are delivered in an intensive one or two-day format designed for practising clinicians who want to gain confidence in a specific area of medical procedure.



These courses address the most common skill sets required in today’s Emergency rooms, Urgent cares, Hospital floors & ICU’s:


Currently Available


ECCAM Course


ProSED Course


Sutured Course

Coming Soon


MRad Course


Sold Out


MRad Banff EMRH 2019


 MedicalEd is committed to helping doctors in a practical setting with approachable and experienced teachers.

Find out more about which courses are currently being offered in your area on our Courses page.



MedicalEd is located in Edmonton, Alberta. For more information please contact us:



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